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fetch not responding when there is a timeout function in the server 4 39 by zaulin Bug Reports
Unable to install in Windows 10 - 64x 9 166 by Emil Sandstø Bug Reports
FileSource as ux:Key problem. 3 51 by Sergio Clebal Bug Reports
ImageTools not loading 5 214 by Anders Bondehagen Bug Reports
Gradle build issues (Android only) 1 23 by mitesh Bug Reports
Fatal Error while building iOS Preview on Mac 0 35 by scotty2nd Bug Reports
Video issue in preview 2 112 by booster Bug Reports
GCC problem when I build Android app on OSX using the latest version of Fuse 1 41 by tmlinhtm Bug Reports
Android app fails to start 18 332 by mitesh Bug Reports
Using Fetch in include module won't complete fetching 1 52 by Kristian Hasselknippe Bug Reports
TextView doesn't display the return key etc. 3 73 by Kobo Bug Reports
Loading images with the Url Attribute crashes the app on android 29 1155 by Remi Pedersen Bug Reports
Push registration doesn't work 2 89 by Kobo Bug Reports
[0.20] IsNavigationBarVisible removed? 13 951 by Ritesh Bug Reports
cant access variable without spacinb 2 62 by baram204 Bug Reports
Unable to build for android on mac 7 217 by R0b0tn1k Bug Reports
Local Preview Not Working 1 68 by Kristian Hasselknippe Bug Reports
Error wrapping native view 6 146 by gw_dev Bug Reports
Bug or feature - UserEvent not recognised inside RemovingAnimation 0 43 by Costin Bereveanu Bug Reports
MapMarker should not be sealed 0 54 by Bjørn-Olav Strand Bug Reports
White Screen + Error when adding a ScrollView 1 63 by Fahad Bug Reports
MapView jitters in PageControl 1 66 by Remi Pedersen Bug Reports
Out of memory 2 133 by quincykwende Bug Reports
Vibration API not working 1 335 by Jack the Bear Bug Reports
android preview + uno code = doesnt work 7 279 by Benny2871 Bug Reports