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Reifying forever 6 357 by zaulin Bug Reports
Problem with action bar when changing the device display DPI 18 1853 by zaulin Bug Reports
goBack behaviour 1 48 by Arturs Bug Reports
Local preview does not trust certificate signed by GeoTrust/RapidSSL 2 781 by casper.aarby.sorensen Bug Reports
Mobile: KeepAlive not working on iphone 1 42 by Uldis Bug Reports
ScrollView with ScrollViewPager and filtering data 4 162 by Uldis Bug Reports
Tapping the current location marker on iOS preview crashes the app 5 543 by Uldis Bug Reports
Cab't create a Router with Custom Pages 1 39 by Uldis Bug Reports
IsReadOnly attribute in TextInput is ignored 1 76 by Arturs Bug Reports
TextBox/TextInput Android 0 62 by Filippo La Torre Bug Reports
Code not working in Build but working in Preview 10 274 by TomStar Bug Reports
Warning "Route parameter must be serializeable" not is showed in mode desktop/android 2 86 by toto007 Bug Reports
Serious problems with the live preview on project complex 3 132 by toto007 Bug Reports
Getting distance(in meteres) far long even device is laid down on the table 0 59 by Hiren Bharodiya Bug Reports
Go back stops working after using it on first page with nothing to go back to 3 106 by Arturs Bug Reports
App is not scaled properly on Oreo with Pixel 2 XL 6 162 by Arturs Bug Reports
CameraView problem 4 143 by Ahmed Diab Bug Reports
ViewPort Device Customize Crash 1 76 by Uldis Bug Reports
Fuse Preview performance 5 188 by Alexander Matchugovsky Bug Reports
App crash when pressing back-button twice 3 149 by Jake Taylor Bug Reports
View not refreshing 0 78 by Brian Mwangi Bug Reports
LineCap doesn't work. 4 163 by Bent Stamnes Bug Reports
GeoLocation module bug 2 102 by toto007 Bug Reports
"Date" system 4 184 by Jake Taylor Bug Reports
TextBox bug in iOS: Dictionary did not contain the given key 8 291 by Luis Rodriguez Bug Reports