FuseCloud (SoundCloud player) app with source code

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Hello everyone!

For a little while now we've been working on a complete app example in Fuse to give you an idea of how to structure a complete app with custom native integrations. We decided to make a complete SoundCloud player using the free SoundCloud API.

We wrote a small article to go with it as well, please check it out: https://medium.com/@fusetools/i-made-a-cross-platform-soundcloud-player-with-fuse-9fb1e62b7db1#.y19gqvjvm

You can find the source code here: https://github.com/fusetools/fusecloud

I hope you all like it!

Very cool! Clearly there's a lot of polish here.


  • It'd be nice to see a curated Soundcloud playlist to start with. So one can get going instead of searching/logging in
  • The Comments slide out animation is a bit jerky on a recent iPhone
  • The search x doesn't work at times when you cross out and in a lot
  • Would be nice to know a rough timeline on the overall effort from pencil to store

Most importantly, like your post says, its a real app, and feels like a good music app one would want. 👍

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