New in version 0.12.0

Released one year ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.


  • After upgrading, please run fuse install android to update/fix required components for Android deployment
  • Added verbose output mode for fuse preview command, which can be switched on by using '-v' or '--verbose' flag


  • Fixed bug which could lead to crashes when previewing on Android
  • Fixed bug causing preview to be stuck on "Host loading project..."
  • Fixed memory leak in .NET export on Windows
  • Fixed bug causing preview to be very slow when using the <Video>-tag

Sketch importer (experimental)

  • Support for Sketch 3.7. Note that some documents created with older versions of Sketch might have problems. To fix this, simply open them in Sketch 3.7 and re-save
  • Default units is now percentages instead of points, for better handling of responsive layouts
  • TextColor is now set to trimmed HEX color values instead of RGBA
  • TextAlignment is now being respected in multi-line text boxes
  • Relative paths to .sketch-files are now supported
  • In previous versions, the importer output would sometimes be written to the source .sketch file folder instead of the folder the command was run from. This no longer happens.
  • Some smaller bugs and inconveniences are dealt with (some of which were too embarrasing to mention)


  • Add Uno.Permissions. Currently this is android only but will be expanded to iOS in due course. It supports both the old Android static permissions and the newer request-based permissions
  • All Uno projects now include the android 'support-v4' library. This means there is no longer a dedicated uno package for 'support-v4'


  • Now supported on both iOS and Android

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a compilation error ("Cannot create weak reference") that surfaced after updating to Xcode 7.3

Resolution and density changes

  • PointDensity => PixelsPerPoint
  • OSPointDensity is deprecated, replaced with a PixelsPerOSPoint which is not the same actual value


  • ScrollingAnimation.ScrollDirections by default now matches the ScrollView.AllowedScrollDirections (instead of just being vertical). If Both are allowed then Vertical is used. You can still override as desired.
  • BringIntoView and collapsing items should now be properly reflected in the scroll position
  • Added ScrollingAnimationRange.SnapMax, similar to SnapMin except for the maximum end of the ScrollView snapping area
  • ScrollView respects SnapToPixels better now (there were a few cases previously where it would not)

CIL backend change in behaviour:

Previously the CIL backend would skip compiling a class, and link an existing one, if an existing class exists. Now the CIL backend will only attempt to link classes marked with [DotNetType]. If you get a problem, you should add [DotNetType] on your class.