New in version 0.21.0

Released one year ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.

  • Improved camera and gallery support
  • Support for ArrayBuffer in XMLHttpRequest
  • Stability improvements for MapView and WebView
  • Experimental support for Gradle in Android builds
  • Added support for sending and receiving ArrayBuffers in XMLHttpRequest. (req. responseType = 'arraybuffer')
  • Push & Local Notifications both now have clearAllNotifications and clearBadgeNumber methods
  • Added improved camera and image gallery JS APIs via the Fuse.Camera, Fuse.CameraRoll and Fuse.ImageTools packages
  • camera.takePicture({ targetWidth: width, targetHeight: height, correctOrientation: shouldCorrect }) is changed to camera.takePicture(width,height). To change orientation use imagetools.
  • Removed onTerminating from the js lifecycle api
  • Added state property where you can get the current state of the app
  • Also added the BACKGROUND, FOREGROUND & INTERACTIVE properties which are constant you can compare with the current state.
  • Added Fuse.Platform.Lifecycle and Fuse.Platform.InterApp for hooking onto application events in Uno.
  • Socket.Create has been replaced with the Socket constructor. Just do new Socket(...) instead of Socket.Create(...).
  • Socket.Poll now uses microseconds instead of milliseconds. Multiply old values with 1000 to get the same behavior.
Other fixes
  • MapView and WebView have been rewritten for improved stability and performance. Both views now support multiple concurrent instances as well.
  • Fixed visual glitch in iOS keyboard when moving focus between TextInputs
  • Fixed bug in where the caret in TextInputs on Android would be at the front of the string instead of the end of the string when focused
  • Implemented SelectionColor for TextInputs on Android
  • Fixed bug causing LinearGradient to not invalidate if any of its GradientStops are animated
  • PullToRelaod now creates default states for unspecified ones. If you previously didn't have a Rest state and were relying on Pulling being the default you'll have to set that to the Rest state now (it was a defect that another state accidentally became the first state).
  • Visual.InvalidateRenderBounds made protected since it's a call made only internal to the class
  • Added experimental support for building with Gradle on Android. Read more in the docs
  • iOS: Use the same default color forButton as XCode uses for UIButton