New in version 0.35.0

Released one year ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.


  • The old Android installer has been replaced with the new android installer. Usage is still the same, in other words run fuse install android to install or update Android build dependencies.
  • Replaced the old gradle build system with a new system.
  • WebView now supports having a callback when the app's UriScheme is matched with an URL request.
New Android installer
  • The switch from gradle-experimental to standard gradle requires a new set of build dependencies, that have to be installed. fuse install android has been updated to make that process as pain free as possible. We encourage existing users to run fuse install android to update their environment.
  • Info to advanced users: The new installer doesn't depend on the sdkConfig.json, instead it only relies on .sdkconfig found here ~/Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Fuse/Android/.sdkConfig on macOS, or %LocalAppData%\Fusetools\Fuse\Android\.sdkConfig on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where relative paths would be incorrectly resolved (against current path instead of intended actual path)
x and y UX expression functions
  • One can now get the x or y position of an element relative to its parent by using the x(element) or y(element) functions in UX expressions.
  • Added 'URISchemeHandler' callback, which fires when a URL request matching the app's UriScheme is made.
Foreign Objective-C
  • Uno has now enabled automatic reference-counting (ARC) in Foreign Objective-C code. If you have foreign code and Xcode complains about methods like dealloc, retain, release, or autorelease being unavailable, this can be fixed by removing the calls to those methods.
  • Color.ToRgb24, Color.ToRgba32, Color.FromRgb24, Color.FromRgb24, Color.FromRgba32 and Color.Rgba32FromHex, Color.ToHex(int3) and Color.ToHex(int4) have been marked as obsolete. See the obosletion-warnings for replacements.
  • Color.FromHex no longer accepts sign-characters in the hex-string. This wasn't intended to work in the first place, and only worked in some bizarre corner-cases.
  • Color.FromArgb and Color.ToArgb has been added.
Switch from gradle-experimental to standard Gradle
  • Using the -DGRADLE flag will now use the standard Gradle and CMake to build your projects.
  • Gradle will become the default build system in the next release and Ant support will be removed.