New in version 0.8.4

Released 2 years ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.


  • Improved support for OS X Mavericks.
  • Improved status bar in OS X Dashboard with integrated build log viewer that can be toggled by clicking the status bar itself.
  • Updates to OS X first-run experience to clarify that Sublime Text is not required, and also changing the wording in the Sublime Text setup wizard to clarify that exiting it does not exit the Dashboard entire.
  • Update checks are now daily rather than constant on OSX, unless forced by choosing "Check for updates" from the tray menu.
  • Guarded against possible issue where exiting Fuse from the OS X tray menu might not kill the correct Fuse process, leaving a zombie daemon.
  • Added support for custom Android SDK, Android NDK, Ant and Java paths in our installer.
  • Monitor will now show messages sent before it was started (5 min buffering).
  • You can now add and remove shadows on any Fuse Element from the inspector (Experimental).


  • LayoutChange in the Move and Resize animators now requires that X and Y (or Vector) are specified. It previously assumed those values were 1 which is a defect, and was not intended to work. The default is 0 meaning the transform will have no effect.
    <Move RelativeTo="LayoutChange"/>
    <Resize RelativeTo="LayoutChange"/>


    <Move RelativeTo="LayoutChange" Vector="1"/>
    <Resize RelativeTo="LayoutChange" Vector="1"/>

This is to facilitate values other than 1 during layout transitions (for example, to animate X and Y independently).

  • IResizeMode.GetSizeChange has new parameters, expressed as a base size and delta instead of old and new size.
  • Node.IsRooted has a new meaning now. It becomes true only after the OnRooted function is called on the Node. This is most likely what code meant when checking this status, thus no change is anticipated to be necessary.
  • Rooting stages are now clearer and children will not be rooted until their parent is essentially finished rooting.
  • Fuse.iOS has been restructured for clarity. Native views are now in the Fuse.iOS.NativeViews namespace and leaf implementations are in the Fuse.iOS.Controls packages, where the names match the Fuse control of the same name.
  • Uno.GraphicsContext is deprecated and should no longer be used. Use only DrawContext to retain a consistent GL state.
  • DrawContext.ViewportPixelSize renamed to GLViewportPixelSize to better reflect what it is -- as it is not the same as the IViewport.PixelSize in all situations. You should avoid using the GLVuiewportPixelSize, it usually isn't the value actually wanted.
  • Fixed: multi-line text-input on iOS. Earlier, the multi-line flag was ignored on iOS.
  • Fixed: custom fonts in simulator should now load correctly.


  • Replaced IPAdddress.IPAddress(string) with IPAddress.Parse(string)