New in version 1.0.0

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.

  • Fuse Studio released!
  • Charting (Premium component)
  • Xcode & Android Studio integration (Premium component)
  • UX kit (Premium component)
  • CameraView (Premium component)
  • Dark Theme for the tool
  • New warnings / problems tab to help you out with missing databindings (and much more!)
  • And finally an option for clearing the log window

There's a lot going on in this release so make sure to read on...

Fuse Studio and Premium components

This release introduces several major tools & features. Most notable here is the first version of the Fuse Studio visual tooling.

Fuse Studio, together with a set of feature packages that we call Premium Components, are available as part of our paid Professional & Custom subscription plans. You can also get a free 30-day trial license here. Once you have a license you just click "Log In" in the Fuse dashboard and enter your account details.

Fuse Studio key features
  • A hierarchical overview of your app that makes layout and UX structuring even more intuitive.
  • Basic UX markup editing by dragging & dropping default primitives and custom components.
  • Inspector for easy tweaking & discovery of element attributes - from colors & layout to data bindings.
  • Multiple preview viewports. View different resolutions, pages and states side-by-side to see how your changes affect the whole app.

See the docs here

As you can probably imagine, this release is a Big Deal for us. That said, the most important thing is not what Fuse Studio does today (although that's pretty cool) but how it will keep evolving with large & small features that'll make life easier for all of us when developing apps.

Xcode & Android Studio integration (Premium component)

Create custom components in Fuse and export them as native libraries for use in your existing native projects. Read more here about how you can sprinkle Fuse awesomeness on your legacy code.

Charting (Premium component)

A powerful set of tools to easily create great-looking graphs and charts in your apps. Docs

Alive UX Kit (Premium component)

A collection of great-looking UI components for a wide range of use cases. Customise & evolve to your exact needs or use as-is. Docs

CameraView (Premium component)

A native view providing a customisable camera preview and photo functionality. (Yes, this means stickers-on-top-of-the-camera-stream!) Docs

Other Updates
Dark theme
  • Added a new dark theme for the Fuse application, which is now the default. It can be switched to the light theme in the "Window" menu.
Log view
  • Output in the log view is now grouped by the originating device
  • Added a button to clear the log
Problems tab
  • Added a new tab in the bottom panel called 'Problems', which shows temporary runtime errors or messages reported by apps.
  • Shows Javascript syntax errors or exceptions, with a button to goto location
  • Shows warnings when databinding sources aren't found
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the app being reified multiple times on rebuild
  • Made the selection indicator visible for a second every time the selection changes even when the selection switch is off. This makes it easier to see what's selected when using the "Select element at caret" option.
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in the simulator sometimes being reified with old attribute values
Various tool fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the log view tab would always overlap the app, and sometimes be misplaced in the UI
  • Fixed spacing in the top bar. In particular, the compact view toggle was sometimes not displayed in compact view
  • Fixed an issue where builds would sometimes fail due to connection errors to the package manager backend
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to resize panes such as the log view so large that it couldn't be resized back
  • Improved startup time on macOS
  • Fixed retrying after failed attempt to read locked file
Animation engine fixes
  • Fixed a bug where elements with many children and some of them were rotated, the rotated elements would appear in the wrong location