Better apps. Less code.

Say hello to UX Markup, the world’s most concise language for creating rich user experiences.

Native and snappy

Built with high quality native components and OpenGL-accelerated effects and transitions.

Responsive and adaptive

Layout, animation, interaction and live data in beautiful and easy-to-understand code.

Declarative and reactive

Do more with less JavaScript. Declarative code is easier to understand, gives more confidence and less bugs.

Component-based UI

With UX markup it’s almost hard not to make reusable and modular components. Everything is composable and all visuals can be re-styled at any point.

Make it POP

Motion is a first-class citizen in Fuse - defined entirely in declarative UX markup. Create animations that respond to changes in state and user input without any need for JavaScript logic.

Visual control. Live results.

Fuse is a real-time development environment where the app can be modified while it is running side by side on multiple platforms. Discover a unified design and development process.

Own the UI

The problem no one else has managed to solve — building cross-platform UIs from one code base that actually looks good? Solved.


Adjust layout, UI, animation and anything else you can imagine, while the app is running. Revel in accidental discoveries as you build your app in real-time.

Fuse Studio

Level up your real-time app development workflow with the world's first desktop real-time development environment.

Write once. Write less.

Write the client-side business logic of your app in clean and simple JavaScript, running on a separate thread with no chance to impair UI performance.

With one shared codebase in UX Markup and JavaScript you can deploy to both iOS and Android. Access all native features as needed by adding Objective-C, Swift or Java code directly to your project.

Minimalist JavaScript

In Fuse, JavaScript is used solely for backend integration and business logic. This provides a clean separation between view and model, and also means that UI performance won’t be hampered by JavaScript execution.


You can of course debug the JavaScript logic in your apps with the tools you already know. Fuse also lets you know of other potential problems with your code in a dedicated "Problems" panel.

Obj-C, Swift & Java

With Fuse you have access to all the native features of the underlying platform. New functionality can easily be integrated by writing code in the native language once — and then anyone can utilize it from UX Markup and JavaScript.

Designed for teamwork.

With Fuse a whole new world of collaboration opens up. Either working together with another developer in the office or showing off your app to a client on the other side of the Atlantic: — you're always on the same page.

Native platforms

Fuse lets you build complete apps or components that can be dropped into existing Xcode and Android Studio projects. No need to start from scratch unless you want to. You can debug, extend and optimize your apps using the native tools of each platform.

Powered by code

In Fuse, everything is code and good old fashioned text files you can manage using your favorite editors and version control tools. Plugins available for the most popular IDEs and text editors, and the plugin API is Open Source and can be extended by anyone.

Design tools

Great designs start in great tools. Fuse facilitates a smooth workflow where design and development is one integrated process. Assets can be imported and kept in sync with the tools that created them.

Fuse Professional

Next-gen UX

Get an overview of your app that makes layout and project structuring even more intuitive. Easily add and tweak elements in your app using visual tools.

Extend native apps

Create custom components for use in your existing Xcode and Android Studio projects. Fuse Professional lets you export native libraries that can be seamlessly integrated with your native code.

Charting & visualization

A powerful set of tools to easily create great-looking graphs and charts in your apps. Control the look & feel from UX markup and make your data shine!

Premium UX kits

A comprehensive collection of great-looking UI components for a wide range of use cases. Customize and evolve to your exact needs — or use as-is!

Multiple viewports

Test your design at different resolutions and form factors - at the same time! Preview different states and pages to see how your changes affect the whole app.

Native for native

App design and development belongs on the desktop. That's why Fuse Studio is a native desktop app that integrates into the professional workflow you're used to.