Create and design your native apps in real time
on multiple devices simultaneously:
Key features and functionality
Rapid creation of beautiful, smoothly animated user experiences in native mobile apps.
Designer–developer collaboration
Move from static designs and
prototypes to real native apps
in one smooth workflow.
Real-time preview
Preview and edit your native app
in real time on multiple
devices simultaneously.
Outputs native code
for both iOS and Android.
Real native code, real
apps, real fast.
Hardware accelerated
GPU acceleration for advanced
visual effects and beautiful
custom UI components.
Native UIs
on both Android and iOS from the
same UX markup language.
Motion and transitions too.
Sketch import (EXPERIMENTAL)
Drag and drop your Sketch designs
into Fuse to make them
part of the app.
True multi-platform
Real native apps, great performance and access to all iOS and Android features.
All user interfaces built with Fuse are compiled to 100% native C++.
Because performance matters.
Build your app in real time
Design and edit your app while it's running.
Fuse closes the gap between prototyping and actual development.
For developers

Quickly build complete apps with UX markup and JavaScript. Use native components, fully customizable cross-platform UIs, or a mix.

All code compiled to C++ and exported through the native platform tools. Your JavaScript code obviously runs separately from UI and animation, with reactive data bindings to the front-end.

For designers

Instant preview works from the moment you import your design assets. Adjust the UI on real devices and bring your app to life by adding transitions and motion with UX markup.

UX should feel familiar to anyone with HTML or CSS experience, except that it's a lot better suited for app creation. And at the end of the day? You have a working native app, not just a prototype.

On desktop
Immediately see how your ideas work in different resolutions and form factors, on OS X and Windows.

On device
See changes live and test the app on all your devices, while you build it.

Like what you see?

Fuse is now in open beta.
Download now (it's free!)

Available for OS X and Windows