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Create better native apps for iOS and Android with a new breed of development tools.

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Create components with responsive layout, animation, interaction and live data with the beautiful UX Markup language. Use the components in native app projects, or create cross-platform apps with logic in JavaScript.

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Fuse Studio is the world's first visual, real-time development environment where the app can be modified while it is running side by side on multiple platforms. Discover a unified design and development process.

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iOS and Android from day one, with one shared codebase in UX Markup and JavaScript. You can also access all native features when needed by adding Objective-C, Swift or Java code directly to your project.

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Designed for teams.

No project is the same. Great results require flexible collaboration between developers, designers, users and stakeholders. Whether you are building complete native apps, reusable native components or high fidelity live data prototypes, Fuse plays nicely with the tools that you already rely on.

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The Fuse platform is free, Open Source, and has a vibrant online community. Try Fuse Professional for free or compare plans.