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Fuse have been in the app development space since 2012, creating tools that have simplified development and enabled over 80.000 people as well as Fortune 500 companies to create better mobile apps. Before that, we helped create the world’s most popular mobile graphics processor, found in over 2 billion mobile devices today.

On May 14th 2018 we made our tools Open Source, so that the broad community of Fuse developers and designers could take what we had created and build on it, while we as a company shifted our focus towards one of the biggest problems in app development today, which ironically has little do do with technology and more to do with the business of app development: misalignment between the people who need apps and the people who make them.

This is why we have introduced Apps as a Service, powered by our new Fuse App Engine — a way for existing SaaS and digital services to get state-of-the-art native apps tailored to their specific needs without ever again having to worry about how to make mobile apps from scratch.

Using everything we’ve learned while building development tools, we have found that a lot of time and resources are being spent on non-differentiating tasks, maintenance is a pain and new design and implementation paradigms or device updates get in the way of shipping great apps that customers want.

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We are hiring!

Versatile Developers (multiple positions)

Fuse is looking for several versatile developers that can contribute broadly, deeply and widely to our product — a high-level semantic framework that enables us to build apps rapidly and efficiently.

We have chosen TypeScript as the overall implementation language due to its versatility, tooling support, and general awesomeness as a modern programming language. However, the lower layers of the product stack are built in the respective language(s) native to each platform (e.g. Java and Swift).

Your areas of responsibility will flow between all layers depending on need. You are probably not a run-of-the-mill JavaScript developer, but instead have a solid background in one or several typed languages. Experience in working with larger, structured codebases is a plus.

The work will require versatility in moving between different parts of the code as well as temporary specialize when certain parts need to be worked on in-depth.

Location: our office in central Oslo.

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Marketing Manager 

The Marketing Manager oversees marketing campaigns both internally and externally, and plays a key part in shaping and communicating Fuse’s core values, marketing message and tone of voice.

This role champions Fuse through effective marketing strategy and execution across a range of verticals and markets.

Key duties include managing all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing team, preparing, planning and executing publicity material, maximizing brand value and promotion, as well as establishing, managing and reporting on key KPIs to support data driven decision making.

Previous experience in a similar role (preferably within the area of app development or professional services) is required. We are looking for a strong and confident communicator with excellent copywriting skills. Basic to intermediate design skills including that of graphics, video and print layouts is a plus.

This role also requires experience with common advertising and lead generation platforms such as those provided by Facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords and Twitter, to mention a few.

Location: our office in central Oslo.

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