New in version 1.5.0

Released one month ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.


  • Brand new stand-alone preview app!
  • Fuse Studio now much faster & snappier with larger app projects
Tool updates
  • Stand-alone preview app which means you can preview (most) projects without needing Xcode or the Android SDK/NDK!
  • Improved performance of Fuse Studio, especially when working with larger projects
  • Fixed an issue where double clicking the Fuse tray icon on Windows would show an error message "Unable to create Fuse document client. Please try again."
  • Fixed an issue where the building indicator bar would not show when you opened a project
  • Clicking the "Build failed" and "Auto reload failed" indicator bars now opens the log view
  • Fixed an issue on macOS where UnoHost processes were left running if Fuse crashed
  • Fuse now prints information about OpenGL version when local preview starts, and gives an error message if the version is lower than 2.1
  • Added tool tips to several label-less inspector editors
  • Show busy indicator as a notification bar if building or reifying takes more than 250ms
Library updates
  • Premium libs: Fixed issue where older iOS devices would fail to capture photos after CameraView.PhotoCaptureImageSource has been used once to display a captured photo.
  • Fixed a defect in NodeGroup that would cause some nodes to be inserted in the wrong order, in particular if using combinations of Each, With, triggers, and Defer.
  • Fixed an issue where toUpper and toLower would crash on null intput. Now they propagate null instead.
  • Fixed an issue where some properties (for example TimePicker.Is24HourView) wouldn't work when set from UX.
  • Fixed a documentation issue with TimePicker where the code example used the wrong name for the Is24HourView property.