New in version 0.34.0

Released one year ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.


  • New <PlaySound> trigger for playing sound effects directly from UX markup
  • Configurable Android-themes (Material is now the default theme)
  • Improved performance and compatibility for images and camera
  • Smarter text wrapping in the Harfbuzz text renderer
  • The native Android-theme used by an app has been made configurable. Change the Android.Theme-property in your project-file to switch themes. The default theme on Android has been changed from the aging "Holo" theme to the new "Material" one.
  • To override the new default theme, add this snippet to your project file:
"Android": {
    "Theme" : "Holo"
  • Android: Improved memory use and performance when resizing images. This should improve Camera.takePicture performance as well, and prevent some OOM crashes
  • Fixed bugs in reading photo orientation from EXIF when reading RAW and JPEG files on Android
Camera and CameraRoll
  • Rewritten image fetch from camera capture and camera roll image picking activities for better Android device compatibility
Harfbuzz text renderer
  • The text renderer enabled by building with -DUSE_HARFBUZZ now uses an ICU BreakIterator to find out where to linewrap text, instead of just using spaces. This means that it properly wraps scripts (like Kana) that don't normally use spaces between words, and also means that it can wrap text after hyphens
  • The onReceivedMessage now provides an optional second argument which indicates whether the notification was triggered from the notification bar. You can use it like this: Push.onReceivedMessage = function(payload, fromNotificationBar) { .. }
  • Split the various launchers into their own packages so they can be used separately. They are named Fuse.Launcher.Email, Fuse.Launcher.InterApp, Fuse.Launcher.Maps & Fuse.Launcher.Phone
  • Fuse.Launcher is still available, and allow you to add all the above packages at once. This means that your current projects will keep working. However: to reduze the number of required permissions, simply add the specific package references for just the launchers you need to your project-file
  • Fixed issue where responses to requests for location permission were not correctly handled
  • Fixed a bug that lead to a crash on exit