New in version 0.8.5

Released 2 years ago

Please remember to uno clean your projects after upgrading Fuse.


  • V8: We now use the V8 JavaScript engine on Android. This is faster, and enables debugging.
  • Selection in preview: When working with the inspector, you can now select the item to work on directly from the preview window (Preview -> Fuse -> Design mode)
  • TextInput: Several improvements and fixes to text input
  • Bundled mono: Mono is now bundled with Fuse, you no longer have to install it manually.


  • Mono is now bundled with Fuse.
  • Exceptions from Uno in local preview shows callstack in Fuse monitor.
  • Added support for NDK10e.
  • Introducing "Design mode" (Preview -> Fuse -> Design mode), in which you select things for use in the inspector by clicking on them visually.
  • It is now possible to quit the inspector from the menu or using CMD+Q on Mac OS X.
  • Some issues causing the simulator to stop auto-reloading your changes have been fixed
  • Improved some error messages


TextInput completeness and polish
  • Multiline textinput on iOS implemented
  • Better integration of textinput on mobile export targets, native focus cooperates with fuse focus to request and dismiss the keyboard
  • A NativeViewHost is now required with the Graphics or Basic theme to create native only controls such as WebView. For example:

             <WebView Url=""/>

Previously a WebView would work directly in the graphics themes. This was not desired as we wished to make clear the special status of these controls.

  • Fuse.iOS.Controls.WebView and Fuse.Android.Controls.WebView should not be used anymore, and previous code using them will likely fail now. Use the above setup to get a native WebView.
  • NativeViewHost no longer inherits any style from its parent nodes. It uses the platform basic style and does not cascade upwards. You will have to add styles to the Node to have them apply to items inside of it.
Android NativeTheme Text alignment
  • A bug where changing the value of a Text-element did not cause the text to resize has been fixed.
FuseJS Observable.insertAt
  • observable.insertAt(index, value) inserts a value at a specific index in an Observable.
  • We now use the V8 JavaScript engine on Android. This enables JavaScript debugging on Android and is faster than the previous JavaScript engine.
  • The map function on Observables now accepts a function with an optional index parameter, as in (x, i) { return x + " has index " + i }).


  • Add Xcode.FrameworkDirectory UXL element